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Of course I have tested them. The SOUND! I made the two ones pictured on youtube! Read the description. I have watched hundreds of calling videos and all Im saying is that it works. It sounds like a distress call, and it can be tuned. Ive tested it. Its not meant to outmatch every call on the market? People hunt with primitive bows an muzzleloaders even if modern rifles exsists, right? Have you tried to make one? How do you know it doesnt work by just looking at a picture? When I mean test it, I mean on regular hunting really trying to see if it actually can attract coyote, bobcat, fox or anything else. Many hunters can test it better than just one. Where I live its not much else to call in but red fox. We have big arctic lynx but the hunting is very limited. Marten.. ever called in one? Eight wolves in my country. If you dont want to kill the neighbours cat.. I have tried to use other calls but people who have tried fox calling with modern calls claim that it takes time to nail a fox. I havent dedicated myself to calling, thats why I wondered if somebody who does wanted to have a go. The the red fox population isnt that big here. It much easyier to lure them in with bait and shoot them during full moon in the winther. That I have done for nearly 30 years. I have shot many, and also trapped many. I thought it might be fun to try out this call to see how old style calls work for some people. Maybe not. How much effect can it have from wheather? Warping? Make it from plastic then. Bone doesent warp much either and if propely sealed wood doesent either. When blowing this call the air passes the reed sideways between two only 4mm thick pieces of wood. Many modern ones one blows at the end of the long reed and they are often stuck between the long lips of the call in cold wheather. You have already made it fail simply by saying to yourself that it doesent work before trying it. If you doesent like this call, OK. I put it out as a old piece of hunting culture just like a longbow. Some like longbow, some prefer a hightec sniperrifle.
The bow was invented thousands of years ago, would it be good if nobody was interested in the bow even if better guns does exist?
I just wanted to find out if sombody maybe liked the idea to test out some old style hunting gear. And yess, there probably are a lot of better calls out there and a lot of ****tier ones too..
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