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Originally Posted by bltrax View Post
i own one in 270. love it. shoots awsome.
350?? is that with the new adjustable trigger??
i paid 250 at walmart for mine about 2 years ago.
havent had any problems with it at all. put on a good scope and youll be set.
you will not be disapointed with the atr. but 350 seems alittle high tho for it.

I know that the models from a few years ago experienced some feeding problems .. but I also read that they corrected that eventually, but I don't know the years of the problems or crrections ...

I would echo all the brands that RugerM77.270 mentioned and if price is your sticking point or very important go shoulder the Marlin XL where you can find it ... it has received excellent reviews from some very picky gun writers and I can't call to mind a single criticism of it so far. Since 270 is your goal then go for it.
I'm going to seriously look at the XS line of the Marlin (short action).
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