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Originally Posted by BOWHUNTER818 View Post
Well Tonight was a total bust as far as shooting Deer but, it was an alsome night, I was in my new hang-on set and i got in it a little early which was good that gave me enough time to evaluate from affar anf take some distances.

It is now about 2-2:30 and i hear some sounds behind me and out comes a couple of little deer out of the hardwoods into the bean, so i am now getting a little excited and out come a couple more , i have a total of 8 deer in the feild 3 big does and 5 little ones, about 4pm they all go back in and then around 6 they all come back out this time with a little 4 point that is 8yrds away from me..........but i let him feed hopeing that the amount of deer in the feild would draw some other deer in, i wasnt planning on shooting the four point but he had a really big body for his age, so he feeds on...

About 7:45 right not to long before dusk out steps a big body deer had to be a buck i know 300 yards away and i saw him in the Binos and he had nice horns but couldnt count them up, so i want to see if i have him on camara...

That is all that went down tonight like i said it was a bust as far as shooting deer but i got to see a nice amount of deer, so i cant wait to see what happens thursday night when i go out..!!! Cant Wait


Great start seeing deer the first sit of the season. Good luck on thursday
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