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Here try this and see if this will work. Ive recomended this program to a bunch of people I know that have had similar issues to what you are having.

If it doesnt work let me know I have some other ideas that might work.

Originally Posted by RDHunter View Post
Now that it's September 1st I can go put up my treestands up.
I wish I could post some pictures of the land I'm hunting in this year but it seems that my computer is having problems uploading them.
I got three diffrent spots and I'll be placing a treestand in two of them and I'll be using a ground blind in the third one.
I'll be shooting my Darton Marauder and using Gold Tip Extreme XT's with 100 gr. Muzzy four blade broadheads.
It may not be all that fancy but it's good enough to get the job done.
I think I have a good chance of getting one of the two pieblad doe's I saw while scouting in the third hunting spot.
I can't figure out what happened to my computer, all I know is my picture manager program and my pant program won't work like it should.
It won't let me edit picture files or change them ( gif ) to ( jepg ) , I keep getting the same message that say's the file image is the wrong extension.
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