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My best one was with a doe late December. I was using my bow to fill a season choice tag in Nebraska. I got a new jacket that was a little big and it was cold so I was wearing it and this doe came in and at about 40 yards she stopped and turned to go down another trail. Broadside I draw and release but my string hits the coat and she hears it and spins out of the way and the arrow goes to the side of her.

She didnt really know what it was so she ran off about 60 yards and started coming back my way. I knocked another arrow and got ready. This time she was coming right for me and at about 20 yards she went behind some brush so I tried to draw and she heard me. Ran about 20 yards to the side and stopped right in an opening. I let the arrow go and she ducked and the arrow sailed right over top of her. I just gave up and went home to warm up.
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