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Default Lets hear the goof up stories and ones that got away

We all post pics of some good kills and some great shots but lets hear about the blunders and the misses. We have all done it right? you finally get the big one under your stand and BANG! something you did messed it all up! So lets hear the stories.....

as for me? stepping off the road to shoot a caribou in the Canadian arctic after driving 1200 miles and 34 hours only to sink up to your neck in powder while trying to take the shot at the only bull you saw in 4 days on the last night! Oh yeah almost forgot about the part where my guide yelled DON'T SHOOT YOUR BARREL IS PACKED WITH SNOW!!! ARGHH!!!

or the bi-pod thats leg snapped closed as I pulled the trigger on a 170 class mulie in Wyo 2 years ago. Now that is the last time I ride around on my 4 wheeler with my rifle slung over my back getting packed with dirt.
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