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My son and I (The Deer Destroyer Team 14), have probably seen 10- 12 shooters this year. We have pics of several nice bucks on our trail cams and even better video footage of some of the same bucks. We have seen a typical 12 that would easily crack 180. A 7x6 that would be in the 160's. A real nice 10 with some kickers on him that is a solid 150. A very large nontypical that would probably be between 180-200. And several others that go between 120 and 150. Should be a great year for us here in T-County, Ohio. If my son shoots one of these big boys hopefully mine will be just a little bigger so mine will cancel his out, LOL. I will be posting some of my bucks from years past once my computer is back up. Right now it is at the shop. Should have it back early next week.
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