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Originally Posted by Northernboghunter
Yeah...looks like you are right. It's just that I have been trying to get some larger bucks on my place for the last 35 years. We have 300+ acres and we try to shoot only 3 year old plus bucks and older does. In all that time the largest buck we have gotten is a 119 inch 8 point! We have 30 acres of food plots we even have one neighbor that owns 500 acres somewhat on board..they only shoot 6 points and up. Everything else around is state ground in which it is strictly brown down!! We just can't seem to keep the two year old bucks on the property. They all die on the state ground. I would really like to shoot or at least see a 130 inch on the property is that so much to ask??? If anyone has any ideas please tell me. I feel like I have tried almost everything..even high fencing is starting to look like an option.....

The amount of land you state, between the two properties, is to small to KEEP deer there, especially when the second new moon after the fall solstice is upon us.. { Some folks will get that, lol }. If you want a better chance at it, create/designate a huge portion of your property to sanctuary with almost impenetrable cover. It will at least improve your chances, IMHO

P.S. Your neighbor shooting 6pt. and up, isn't doing you any favors, though.

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