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Hey all, as you check in post any info you want, also tease us w/ some good trail cam pics:

Obviously, my name is Ed. I just turned 26 and I'm an engineer, I'm married w/ one daughter and another daughter due in Jan! We're excited!!! I do most of my hunting in MD, but usually spend a week or two in VA, actually last season my contest entry was shot in VA.

I'll post some trail cam pics later this week, right now the biggest I have on camera is about a 110-115" 9 pt. Probably not a shooter, unless I could get him in full velvet.... But I know there are bigger ones out there, just havent had my cam up long yet.

Ten is a nice number, we outta be able to come up w/ some good names, heres a few off the top of my head:

Perfect 10
Team Big Ten
Ten White Horses
The Dark Hosses

Anyway throw a bunch out there and we'll vote on some...

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