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Default Offical Team Cutting Edge Thread (34)

Official Team 34

222 tmontgo1
300 WIbuckchaser
347 nctaxi
194 jackflap

39 4evrhnt
23 tlutterba
34 teejay
217 Hunt4life23

223 clos21

Well here we are guys. Please check in and let us know how your season is shaping up to be. Also keep checking in, as some drop out, and we may need alternatives. It is very important that we maintain contact, if you are going to be gone for an extended period, please let us know. For those of us who have been doing this for the past few years, you know how frustrating it is to have drop outs. If this is your first year, your team depends on you and you might be the difference we need.
My season so far has been going full force for the past few weeks. Put in 5 new food plots, or at least have cleared and sprayed, getting ready to till and plant as soon as the weather breaks. We have hung over 12 new stands and cleared shooting lanes for 6 new climber locations. I have been shooting bows at least every other night.
So how bout you?

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