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Originally Posted by crokit View Post
MANSPURS: Your higher.. We do better with our deer herds, you do better with your trout stocking. Also IMHO, Pa. has the best black bear hunting tin the wirld
I'll have to agree with you on the bear hunting. As for the trout stocking, that's very debatable. In these parts, the PFBC cut back so drastically on the numbers of trout stocked, that local sportsman formed clubs such as The Upper Pine Creek Sportsman Association. Clubs like this accept donations from local businesses and sell memberships to individuals and use these proceeds to purchase trout to stock. If it wasn't for these clubs, there would be very few trout to fish for. I've been helping with the PFBC's trout stocking for years. According to my estimates, we only get about 30% of the trout that we used to get.
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