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Default 2 Days til the big show in SC!

Well...... here it is 2 days til the opening day of deer season here in South Carolina and I still haven't decided which stand location to hunt the first day. We have 29 numbered stands at our hunt club and I have put alot of time, energy, sweat, and blood this offseason trimming limbs, fixing and repositioning stands, planting food plots, hanging and filling feeders, putting out mineral blocks, and just this past weekend 18 hours on the tractor bushoging in order to clear the brush on our 460 acre lease. I have shed hunted and scouted, I remember where every buck was killed on our land last year and what part of each month they were killed, washed all my hunting clothes in scent free soap, sighted in my rifle and bow, and I still do not know where I am going to find myself that first day. The farmers have rotated fields and crops this year and even though I have put all this time and energy into my scouting except for setting out trail cams ( couldn't afford any yet ) I am still at a loss for where to plant my rump. What I do know is that a 125 class 10 point was found dead near the stand I shot a small rack 7 point last year just 2 weeks ago. Should I go with nowing that the bucks travel together earlier in the season and hunt the stand near where the 10 point was found or stick to where I know the bucks were killed this time last year. All serious sugestions will be considered. Will be doploying for 2 weeks in Sep, and for 6 months starting in late Oct ( Active Duty Marine Corps OOOH RAAAH! ); so every serious suggetion will be considered as I am limited on my time to hunt this year. If anything else I was able to blow off some steam before I drive everyone else around me crazy. Preventing me from going high and to the right on some LCpl that probably deserves it anyways! Good luck to all! Hopefully not much posting from me after this except for some totals and success stories!
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