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Default East Texas Hunting in General

Ive hunted all over Texas except North East Texas. I have a 300 acre farm around the Gregg/ Rusk County line and this year i decided to save some money and challenge myself to bag some animals there. I have been in and out for the past 6 months deciding if i wanted to do this and am about to get serious this next wk. Is there alot of trespassing typically in East texas? ive run into other people's setups on my property almost every time ive been there (5 times) in the past year. What are some good early season plots? im thinkin oats and chickory as soon as the temp starts to max out at about 95. if it ever happens. and i was just wondering if anyone has ever had good luck around the Gregg/ Rusk County Areas? I am currently 6 hours away from there but will be moving within 2 hours of my farm in Dec, so trespassers beware! Thanks for any advice or stories of hunting/ trespassing the area!

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