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hit his off elbow and bounced back and lodged in his heart (after going through it once)- happy with the flight- not that happy with the blood trail- and bounce effect. That elbow area is rubbery- but that was weird. Left a huge hemotoma on his off side- he went 250 yards, One lung and center heart.
Please explain to us how exactly you can go through the lung, heart, and hit the off side leg and not get both lungs.

I'd like to see that video you have.

One deer I shot with ST mags was a hard quartering away shot, 30 feet up in the tree. Entered the back of his ribs just below the spine and exited his chest at his off side shoulder below the scapula and completely broke his leg and exited into the dirt.

Just a FYI, your field tipped arrows hiss while going though the air too.
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