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Originally Posted by bigcountry
I am using slick tricks this year. Got a great price on em. 9 for 40 dollars to my door. I am sure they will work just fine.

I see folks ask about broadheads a lot on this forum. And if one shoots a deer in the vitals with any type of bladed BH and can't get the job done, he needs to take up golf.

Bottom line is, if you have a BH that is sharp, and straight, and your bow is tuned to limit BH planing, any of them get the job done. If one needs to buy the latest whizbang head with screws and blades flying out and complains about losing deer, they got a bad hit. And probabaly should take up golf.
BC youve gotta stop reminding me of golf

I recently have done some golfing, and they told me to stick with killing/shooting stuff lol! Im absolutely freaking terrible at golfhaha

Anyway... I have NOT taken an animal with a ST. I will take one with a Grizz Trick this year though... I promise

I have said it many times in the forums lately, and even posted a pretty large thread "another slick trick thread" about my experience with them and tuning this year and imho they are awesome! I was just really surprised at the flight of the Grizz... I was laying em in there at 40 yds perfectly! I shot thedeer target with it about 15-20 tmes and I can honestly say, with no exagerating that every single shot would have resulted in a dead deer! Not bragging, just happy with them thats all. At 330 fps I couldnt believe fixed head flight could be that good. Try em out...

The only thing at all that ive found is a negative is they hiss in flight but i really dont care about that one bit...

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