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Well if you are going to get a rangefinder the 550 is perfect for bowhunting. All those rangefinders like the archers choice and Leupolds with the TBR are not very useful for Bowhunting. There kind of a scam, cause that kind of angle stuff is important more so at great distances. There are a lot of false products out there so beware, kind of like scent lok/blocker, it has to be 800 degrees to acitvate carbon,and it will suck in all the smells it can once its exposed, buy more cover scents. I digress A basic rangefinder is the best for bowhunting, and i use a rangefinder for bowhunting because i hunt a lot of deep creek bottoms and it can be tricky to tell the distance, and you owe it to the game to place the best possible shot.
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