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Default 2009 gear set up help

alright so I'm starting to get my list to buy started. I thought i got it all last year any who i need a decent pair of binos and a range finder so any help there would be great. Also i have all my mossy oak gear from last year butt it is kinda fading like good old mossy oak does, suggestions? I don't really want to buy new camo. (i am going to have to buy new pants as the other ones will only work during early season) also a good pare of gloves would be nice I'm deff getting under armor liner gloves but need some decent gloves to slide them into. also what type of fleece clothing where would u recommend. I'm planning on doing under armor fleece then my camo..... and if i still have enough money left over im going to get a summit viper climber i also need to get a bow holder for up in the tree and then a back pack to put all my crap in haha. im never going to stop spending also i don't want to put a quiver on my bow and last year i just strapped a quiver to a tree. do you guys have any better ideas???



ps sorry if this is in the wrong place i didn't know where else to put it
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