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Originally Posted by srgav1n View Post
Last weekend my aunt had a garage sale at her house and she accidentally sold my bow for $60. Long story short version, my dad had a spare bow he was going to sell and he told where it was at in the shed. She picked up my bow case and sold mine instead. Dads spare bow is bare (no sight, rest, stabilizer, etc.). In my bow case I had 12 carbon fiber arrows, 6 3blade rage broadheads, 12 rage target tips, my release, a PSE X-Force SS 60-70 lbs, Octane 1 piece quiver, G5 Optix XR sight, Octane Hostage Pro rest, Octane stabilizer 7", and a set of Super Quad Limbsavers. It took me 16 months to save up for that bow and now it is gone. I'm trying not to cry about this but damn.
How long ago??? You may find a kind heart somewhere that would be willing to return the bow for a REWARD!!! It's worth a try.... Post an ad in the local paper, pleading your case and see what happens. There are still a few HONEST people out there.

Otherwise, I'd start looking on AT classified for a new bow, and work it from there. Sorry for your loss.....
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