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Default Fort Belvoir OR Fort A.P Hill ?

I was curious to know which is a better all around place to hunt I hunted Fort Belvoir once back in 2003 but really didnt get chance to know the base and see any deer but I no they have a nice QDM program there and I love to bow hunt ...But I have heard alot of good things about Fort AP Hill Hunting also and I have seen several nice bucks off the base aswell plus I heard they let you hunt in the ( Live Ammo ) areas which Quantico does not you just have to sit through a little video . I'm a die hard Quantico hunter but there is alot BS on Quantico these days and Hunting is Becoming difficult on base and wanted to expand my area and really put time in either Fort Belvoir or Fort AP Hill If it's worth it ????

Let Me Know ASAP
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