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Default RE: Cabela's Legendary Adverntures Game???

I just bought that game in january. I hate it. This is coming from a 14 year old who has many games. They try bring back the old times and put little lines in the screen and make it in black and white on some of the hunts. A bigtime gamer likes good graphics.

They like totally screwed that game up. The very last few hunts are in 2010... 2010 hasn't even happend yet so how do they know somebody is going to shoot a world class animal?

Thats just my thoughts on the game.
I have no idea about the Goliath buck. I have heard about it though. But I think im thinking of a differant Goliath buck. The one im thinking of was a tame one raised at a farm and somebody came and shot it. I think it scored 400"+.
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