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Default RE: In your opinion , is 6 hunters on 80 heavily wooded acres too crowded?

In my opinion, 6 guys on 80 acres is just to much. If it was 3 and you werent allowed to bring any guests than I would think you would be in good shape. I think a lot depends on the surrounding property too. If the landowners next to you have 500 acres that 2 people hunt than I think you could go to 4 if you can find runways that are going through your property. Ive hunted 3 people on 40 acres before of thick woods and it is not a great thing to do. I wouldn't worry so much about safety but with all of those people moving through such a small area you are bound to spook most of the deer out of there and leave scent everywhere. There is just too much movement with 6 people on such a small area of land. As I said before, If the property next to you is large with light hunting pressure than I feel like you can up the numbers a bit, but if you are 80 acres among many other 60 to 100 acre lots which have 2 to 3 gun hunters on each of them, I think your not going to see very many deer and your neighbors may be a little upset with you having that many people on one lot. I know if I had a neighbor that had 6 guys and all are trying to shoot bucks on a 80 acre lot I'd bea little upset. Stick with the original 3 and maybe have3 guest that rotate 1 day on and 2 days off, then I think you will all be happy. Just my opinion.
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