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Default RE: qdm=loss of hunting skills?

QDM is definately more palatable to hunters who hunt in areas with plentiful antlerless tags and a population that already has at least a few mature bucks present.
Great quote Brian. You always know exactly how to say what us dummies can' t figure out how to type...even though we may be thinking along the same lines.

VT, like sling...I now understand better where you are coming from. I honestly don' t know how I' d feel if I lived in an area that had the population and laws like you have. ??? I would probably have different feelings than I do now. I remember many years ago, hunting where I do was alot different. The pop was alot less, and taking a buck was a big deal. But over the past 20 years...things have changed big time with the population. Coming from a state where I can shoot over 100 does if I want, it' s hard for me to comprehend having to " try" to get a doe tag []

I applaud your efforts of digging in to QDM, and trying to figure out what it' s all about. Most don' t understand really, and don' t make the effort. They just immediately assume it' s all about " antlers" .

And by the way...I was serious about the concrete work...send me a pm.
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