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Hey guys. I havnt been on in a little bit but i have great news! I finally got a big bird down. Ive had many downs this year missed 2 diffrent birds. So i ended up switching guns. but any ways heres the story. I didnt get up and go out this morning i heard the weather was going to be crapy. I get up at 6:30 to a txt from a friend and they had got a bird i look outside and its beautiful out. So i get in my new 09 silverado and head for a ride to find some birds. I ended up seeing 3 big toms with hens in this one field so i decided heck ill give it a try. I ended up sneeking in from behind them and calling and they gobbled but werent coming any closer. So i said well ill try to move in on them. So im sneeking threw this thick stuff and i look over to my right and sure enough theres a strutter at about 40 yards. so i find a little hole to shot threw and and put it on his head squeeze the trigger boom and the bird takes off running. I was so upset was the 2nd time i missed this year. i look at the hole i was shooting threw and lets just say i did some good trimming and my pattern couldnt of been very good. The birds i was trying to sneek up on stayed out in the field and slowly worked there way to the woods. They ended up going down in a ways so i waited a few mins and sure enough they were down there gobbling. I ended up sneeking down to were they were and got within 30 yards of them. I call to him a little he gobbled and was strutting spitting and drumming. I couldnt take it any more i pull up and shot and all i get is a click when i ejected my last shell i was in such thick brush i ddint fully eject the shell. so i said well if i do it fast enough maybe i can get a shot. So i pump the shotgun and the turkey gobbles at the noise. so i pull up and shoot and the big longbeard drops. i start to run up to him and sure enough there was another tom with him i pull up and shot and i hit a tree and the big tom runs closer to me i go to shoot again and i was out of ammo would of had 2 birds but im happy with this one. He is a double bearded turkey my first ever.

he went 19.4 oz has one beard thats 9 inches and one that 7.2500 inches and both spurs are 1.2500 inches total score of.....76.75

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