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I have setup a lot of QAD's and when they work, they are a nice rest if you prefer full containment.

The issues with clearance occur way to often to suit me and in a couple of cases I could not solve the problem. Even after talking to QAD they had No solution except to raise the nock point ridiculously high and jump the arrow over the rest.

No Thanks!

That's the reason I think the Limb Driver is the best dropaway on the market. No setup issues, No timing issues, and No resulting clearance issues. It simply works!

This is what exactly happened to me while dialing in my 82nd today. I'm hitting a little over 300fps with my 3d arrows. I wasn't getting the best of groups, and for once, it wasn't me. Lipstick on the blazers exposed the culprit-fletching contact. The only way I can alleviate it was by raising the nocking point really high. The chronograph showed that really was not the smartest thing in the world to do. I lost about 10fps. Come next paycheck, I might have to pick up a Limbdriver.
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