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hey sling, just wanted to clarify my last statement, when i said" here" i meant in vt, not on the board, i read it again after you brought it up and can see how you took it, my fault. i don' t know if we are in a rebuilding phase, we used to have a much larger herd in the 60' s and 70' s( long before i could hunt), but i think w experienced a few crashes( herd was being managed by the lawmakers, not the f&w dept.), plus they were eating themselves out of house and home. i think the dept determined that what we have for an overall number is about what the habitat, and humans, can take. by the way, lol, i still have a pretty good size chunk missing from the bite you took, too!!!!! not mad at anyone, you are right, i asked for opinions, and i got them. if i couldn' t take it, i would have never written back.

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