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Default RE: qdm=loss of hunting skills?

ORIGINAL: vtbuckrulrss
can' t understand how/ why some people here think we need improvement through a qdm plan, these are acceptable goals under most qdm plans.

vtbuckrulrss - LOL - Nobody on this thread said that QDM is the only legitimate form of deer management. Not sure if that is just a general statement you are making or what. I can sympathize with you a little bit if you feel bombarded with QDM info, but you did choose to post in the QDM forum didn' t you? What did you expect to hear?

Thanks Brian - Now I understand why vtbuckrulrss feels his state has so much control over the deer harvest on a local level. It sounds like his state is in herd building mode right now, so the lack of doe tags is probably forcing hunters to fall into the state' s management scheme (herd building). Depending on the growth potential of the herd, once they start approaching K it will be interesting to see if the hunters can convert from a bucks-only type of management to a numbers management scheme. Once the doe harvest becomes an important factor, the personal preferences/opinions of hunters can start to override the goals set by the state on the local level.

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