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Personally I would spend the money for a Mec 600 before I would go with the Lee load all . I have owned both and there is just no comparison between the two .

............Another vote for the Mec 600. It's an excellent press and produces great ammo. Look around. Some used ones are out there, and can be bought reasonably. With that in mind, used rifle pressescan bea good buy too for the most part. Just be sure you check the linkage and ram for any slop.
I saw a Rockchucker Supreme kit for sale at a Wal-Mart in Clearfield, PA recently for $277, I believe. Yes, in Wal-Mart. They actually carried dies, shellholders, lube, pads, powder, etc. Couldn't believe what I was seeing. The best part of it was they had two1 lb. cans of IMR 4350 on the shelf. Yeah....HAD..............
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