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Default RE: QAD too slow for a 82nd airborne

ORIGINAL: drockw

Love the Avatar Ed!!!


"Hooolllyyyyy Jesus.... What is that? What the ----- is that? WHAT IS THAT PRIVATE PYLE? A JELLY DOUGHNUT? How did it get here? Is chow allowed in the barricks Private Pyle? Are you allowed to eat Jelly Doughnuts Private Pyle? And why is that Private Pyle? Because you are a DISGUSTING FAT BODY PRIVATE PYLE!"

Man the first time I saw that movie I dang near wet myself..... too funny.

The QAD is a great rest.... but I've come to the conclusion that if you don't spring for the Pro Series... you are pretty much setting yourself up for frustration. I've had to tinker a lot with the hunter models.... and trust me.... they get out of the way plenty fast enough.... but without the lock down feature found on the LD and HD models... you get bounce back... and you'll notice markings on the underside of you hen vanes as a result.

I've never had an issue with the LD or HD models, and I've set up dozens of them. I still hold, after using lots of different things, that the HD is the ultimate hunting drop away rest.

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