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I wouldn't trustthem to update the table to include Greg's 80 point bird. I posted a reminder several days ago on the "Post Team Scores Here" thread before I knew it was the team captain that is supposed to post the score. I reminded JW about Greg's bird and told him to check his math regarding my bird. He hasn't done either one. Team #12 isstill listed with only my bird scoring 71.5 instead of 72.5. Why bother with the contest if they can't get it right? Will you send them a friendly reminder?

BTW - my turkey was an Eastern. They have my species listed as ?

As far as my future hunting plans are concerned - I am done until the Illinois fourth season (northern zone). I have two kids that I will be guiding between now and then. I have a friend trying to talk me into Kansas, but I don't see that happening this year.
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