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Default RE: qdm=loss of hunting skills?

vt; are you saying that if I hunt the deer trails in bush at the back of my property that I' m a hunter but if I strategically locate a crop at the front of my property in relation to deer runs etc. and hunt near it that I' m a washout?

I don' t believe that a modern hunter will be judged on hunting skill alone. The same way waterfowl hunters get into nesting improvement or fishermen get into spawning bed improvement. Part of taking game should be helping to preserve it for the future. If that means Ducks Unlimited are duck farmers so be it.

Even if you compare some old hunters (plaid shirts, no camo, no scents, cigarette in the mouth) shooting deer what special skill do you attribute to them? More people hunt from tree stands now than ever. Why; because it' s successful. But; you put the stand near a food source or near main trails or at bottlenecks. It isn' t a random selection. If you' re talking about still hunting, it' s much more difficult but people don' t have the time to learn the technique but still want success. I hate driving. I would it as taking much less skill than any plot or wood hunter.

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