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Default RE: UPS brought me Black Death today

Thanks everyone- I'm really impressed- this is the first Martin I've had in a long time that reminded of the really good stuff they were making in the 90s.

Last night the shop owners and I were discussing Martin as a company, and they both felt the same as I have- that Martin def lost it's way for several years. The owners did say that for 08 they started to turn themselves around and had a stronger lineup than in years previous. Apparently 2008 was Martin's best year ever, and Terry told me in our conversations that sales are already up 20% from08! ! I think that little Alien is the bulk of it.

I had this discussion previously with my friends at the shop- I believe this is our economy at work -Martin has always occupied a very attractive price point. I'd suspect used, last year/leftover models, and reasonably priced bows are the majority of sales for 09 barring a few companies that are bucking the trend (Hoyt, e.g.). I have not paid full price for any of the bows I bought this year due to my relationship with the shop owners-I got them at a generous discount. Otherwise I would NOT have been buying these $850-$900 bows. Prices, IMO have gotten out of hand- I was flabbergasted when I started shopping again and I think manufacturers will need to address this as 09 progresses, if they have not already. My local shop is one of the most successful in the country with 4 locations and whispers of more expansion- and barring the incredible Alphamax sales, I'm seeing an influx of more "mid priced" bows on the shelves- when historically this has not been the case.

Sorry...I love analyzing the business aspect of this industry.

Derek, Terry was (not surprisingly) looking for US axes- Gibson, MIA Fender, etc.

Jeff- Thanks! Saw your post on AT too- so whats this mutt you are building now?

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