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Default I need a little help here..

So, a couple of months ago I went in to our local gun shop and asked the guy about a rifle. I made up my mind that I wanted a Browning A Bolt Medallion in 270 and I wanted it new, but last years model because I didn't want the BOSS. He told me that they had some coming in, although he didn't know when, and that I could put my name down to get one when they arrived. I asked what the price would be and he told me $550, and I didn't even have to think about it. So I have stopped in and called several times to see if it had come in, and it still hasn't and they still don't have a clue when it is coming. Not a huge deal, but I would like it at least a couple of months before the deer season starts so we can get to know eachother.

Now about 3 weeks ago, our local radio station was having an online auction for gift certificates to some local stores. I thought I would have to be stupid not to win a couple of these gift cards since I was going to spend the money there anyway, and I bought 2 $250 cards for this store. Well when I went in and picked them up, they tell me that I have 30 days to use them.

So now my rifle still isn't in, and I have to spend $500 within the next week, and I am wondering what I should spend it on.

Some things I am considering.

Asking if they have the same gun with the BOSS on it.
Used smaller caliber rifle for Varmint hunting.
Some kind of handgun

Here is my current gun inventory. My deer rifle that I have been using for a few years, that I will give back to my dad when I get my new one, Over/Under shotgun, pump shotgun, and a 17 HMR. I also have a bow that I bought last year, a new set of bino's that I bought in the fall, and my new scope and rings for my rifle.

If I didn't already have the scope this wouldn't be too tough of a decision to make. And I guess there just really isn't anything else that I need right now. I am kind of leaning towards buying a smaller caliber rifle just because it would be fun, but I don't think I would use it that much.

So there you go, I have $500 to spend, what do I spend it on??
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