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Default RE: Team 9 Thread

Hey guys. Sorry I kind of forgot I had signed up for this.

Louddrummer we were on the deer contest together in 2007 I think.

Well I have been in the Deer bow contest every year since 2004. I do like to come around and I will be on here. I got on the turkey contest once back in 2005 I think but that was it. I hunt in southwestern WI on private family land. I drew week 3 so I have April 29th to May 3rd. I may be trying to purchase an extra tag for one of the later seasons but I will have to see how it goes. I am a hard core archery guy but I have no problem with gun hunting either. I still go out gun deer hunting with my Dad every fall. Don't think I am one of those archers that condem gun hunting. I'll write up some more on here in a bit.
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