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Default Recoil question........

I'm taking my tax return $$$ and going to havemy Remington XCR customized. I havea local gun shop here with a fantastic reputation for this sort of work.
Going to add a Shillen barrel and a McMillan's my delima....

My rifle is currently a .30-06, and I'm trying to decide if I want to keep the 06' or turn this rifle into a .280 (a caliber that I've always wanted)....

I've also always had an itch to have a .300 Win. Mag........

I'm terribly picky about my rifles, so this is really cool to finally get one just how I want it.....but in which caliber???? .280 or .300 Winny???

I'm in east Texas hunting hogs year round (some of which are BIG) and of course whitetail deer.

And......I've never shot a .300. I'm very comfortable with the .270/.30.06/7mm Mag. recoil. I'm not really sure if the Winny will go beyond my tolerance level. I've tried to find someone who has a .300 to shoot a few times, but no luck so far.

Any input would be appreciated
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