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Boy is this going to get me in trouble! I'm going to tell you the spot that I taken some very nice bull over the years. Get a map of ARIZONA. Look for a town called Payson. It's 80 miles or so northeast of Phoenix. Once you find Payson, you'll find one highway goes north and the other goes northeast by east towards a town called Heber. About 27 miles out of Payson this highway tops out on the Mogollon Rim.Just west of the highway there is a lake called Woods Canyon Lake. The areas aroung this lake and north of it is some of the best elk hunting I know of for what you want. There's a road off the highway over to the lake. This road continues west to Camp Verde and is part of the old Gen. Crooke Highway. This road was used as a supply route from Camp Verde to Fort Apache back during the days of the indian wars. Just a few miles west of here their was a major battle in which Tom Horn played a part. The elevation is around 7000 ft. and is in a forest of Ponderosa Pine. It is MAGNIFICENT!!!!!!! My sons still hunt this area when they're lucky enough to draw a permit. Call the Game and fish in Flagstaff. They'll send all the information they have. Good luck. I hope that this will help. By the way, Woods Canyon has rainbow trout. Chevelon Canyon Lake has rainbows, brown trout and articgrayling.
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