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I'm not surprised at this in the least. From the beginning 3yrs ago, the DEC said this was a test pilot. I give the DEC credit for handling it the way they are. I mean they could just push it upon the whole state as PA did. So least they're taking their time, studying the situation, and surveying hunters on it all. Plus they've set a minimum limit in order to go through with any expansion of it. Thats not shoving it down our throats at least!.
I have mixed feelings on A.R.'s. I'd like to see a healthier herd, better ratios, and a few more larger bucks.But A.R.'s don't protect the yearling bucks with nice potential. I looked overthe racks on mycamp wall from yrs of hunting. 90% were yearling bucks. All but 2couldn't have been harvested under presentAR restrictions. 3 pts on at least 1 side doesn't protect all the yearlings. It only protectsthe spikes, 3pts, and 4 pts. I believea minimum spread should be included, beyond the ears is a easy onethat'd cover alot more yearling deer.
I also feel their is alot more interest in A.R's, that some here realize. The 2 thingsmany, many hunters want to see in the woods is either numbers or large bucks. After all its what most every hunter dreams of is harvesting a large rack record book buck someday.If they can't do that they like to see alot of deer.
Another thought on this if you've ever read any of the Anti's claims on deer hunting. One of the main things they say against us is we proclaim to be sportsmankilling animals for the sake of a healthier herd. But yetwe target any deer, and kill mostly small bucks. Is that the kind of image we want to be used against us?

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