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well we do have some test area around that are trying ar restrictions,and the DEC findings are not quite what the qdma findings are.

There is a time factor involved with this also. It takes 5 to 7 years of control for results to become evident. There is the learning curve of people still shooting underage class bucks in the beginning, poaching etc. Remember we are comparing apples (private land) to oranges (state land) here also.

im just making sure most hunters know what is going on,most hunters in upstate ny that i have spoken too do not play on the internet.and pay attention to seasons, and doe permits. i do find it a little scary that some say (Sometimes you need to "force restrictions" on people.) i dont think thats what are forefathers had in mind. (And I am glad you are informing them/us!)

Our forefathers were talking about inalienable rights, like self preservation. If we do not have restrictions, many populations of many species would be extinct or extirpated from an area. As they almost once were. No one has the right to decimate a population of any given animal, No one has that right, as it is not anyone's right to damage something beyond repair. We all have the right to do whatever we want until it affects someone else's right to enjoy these things.

i think many think that this is going to make ny start having Missouri/Minnesota class trophy bucks...its not,the DEC even says that.ny has big trophy deer,i am a trophy hunter ,they are out there,it just takes some old fashioned hard i said im just making sure hunters in upstate ny know...

I don't believe NY state has the genetics or the soil to grow bucks like they do in Minnesota, or many other places in the country. The nutrients and the PH of the soil in many states is better at growing antlered animals. There is an old saying, I think it was Aldo Leopold who said "The Antlers are in the soil". With that said of course New York is capable of growing very respectable class animals when the conditions are favorable. The food has to be there along with the genetics. The most attainable thing we can contribute is the length of time needed for them to reach maturity and attain their maximum antler growth.

here is a quote from the DEC on what to expect from ar restrictions..... Antler restrictions are not needed to improve deer health or breeding in New York.

An antler restriction to protect yearling bucks is not trophy management. Hunters
should not expect a dramatic increase in the number of record-class bucks taken.
Antler restrictions should not be confused with Quality Deer Management (QDM).
Protection of young bucks is only one aspect of QDM philosophy.

True, antler restriction is but one aspect of Quality Deer Management, however it is the easiest hole in the bucket that we can fill. We can't put food plots on state land so deer get bigger, but practicing trigger control and letting them get some age on them is an easy (relatively speaking!) part of the puzzle.

The pilot program in the Catskills indicates
that antler restrictions are unlikely to increase
license sales or hunting participation.
If you saw bigger /trophy class deer being taken on a regular basis, I will guaranteethat you will see an increse in out of state license sales. You see time and again how this occurs. Look at Kansas and Iowa's Out Of State sales since the word got out about what's being harvested out there.

It's not always about the hunters. If guys want meat, shoot a doe, they taste just as good if not better and it helps the herd structure vs. shooting an immature buck. If New York believed that so wholeheartedly, why is it that DMAP permits for crop damage insist only does are taken? That's what a friend of mine ni Northeast New York is told when he gets permits for his tree farm.

Thanks, good conversation!
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