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well we do have some test area around that are trying ar restrictions,and the DEC findings are not quite what the qdma findings just making sure most hunters know what is going on,most hunters in upstate ny that i have spoken too do not play on the internet.and pay attention to seasons, and doe permits. i do find it a little scary that some say (Sometimes you need to "force restrictions" on people.) i dont think thats what are forefathers had in mind.i think many think that this is going to make ny start having Missouri/Minnesota class trophy bucks...its not,the DEC even says that.ny has big trophy deer,i am a trophy hunter ,they are out there,it just takes some old fashioned hard i said im just making sure hunters in upstate ny is a quote from the DEC on what to expect from ar restrictions..... Antler restrictions are not needed to improve
deer health or breeding in New York.
An antler restriction to protect yearling
bucks is not trophy management. Hunters
should not expect a dramatic increase in the
number of record-class bucks taken.
Antler restrictions should not be confused
with Quality Deer Management (QDM).
Protection of young bucks is only one aspect
of QDM philosophy.
The pilot program in the Catskills indicates
that antler restrictions are unlikely to increase
license sales or hunting participation.
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