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Bigcountry last year when I was having some trouble with my 300WM I bought a set of Lee collet dies and tried them. I was not very happy with the results and went back to using the RCBS neck sizer. I did find that by rotating the casing after sizing and resizing helped. I do believe that collet needs to be reduced. I haven' t tried the Lee dies since replacing my brass that was causing my problem. I also ran some 220Swift brass thru but the neck didn' t have enough tension to hold the bullet securely. I think I need to send the dies back to Lee and let them do the polishing since I don' t know if I can keep them perfectly round. Good Luck. OH by the way I believe that the instructons said you need to apply about 25ft lbs of pressure to the die. This is not that much pressure. I would suggest you find a grease monkey and try his torque wrench set at the proper torque and this will give you an idea of how much you need to push the lever.
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