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Default RE: How you doin?

I think the media has it all wrong. When we hear about the economy, there is usually some mention of the decline starting during the clinton years, or a stab at how Bush is failing miserably in his handling of the situation.

What we DON' T hear is any mention of Sept.11 or how the two are related.

Prior to Sept.11 my business was pretty well " booked" for about a year and a half in advance. Those advances were for conferences, weddings, family reunions ect.

Starting on the 12th of september, the phone started ringing with cancelations.

Things are somewhat better now, but it would be safe to say that I am operating at less than 50% of my pre-9-11 occupancy levels.

The construction crews are not here because stuffs not getting built, the conferences are not happening and folks are just generally not traveling to recreational and leisure destinations.

So to sum it up...The answer to your question is;...It Sucks.

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