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I work for Intel. Most other high tech companies have had massive layoffs but Intel hasn' t. They are the best at what they do and have hung on remarkably well.

I have been due a %20 raise for 2 years now and as soon as the market turns around I should get at least %10-15. Maybe this year they will give some good raises again. My summer bonus was decent in size this year.

I lost $30,000 in the stock market, funny thing is is that I was debating on which way to invest my money. Aggressive growth or very extreme ultra aggresive growth. I went with the more " conservative" approach. If I went the more aggresive approach I would have about $350,000 in my account rather than $0!!

Oh well. I guess I can feel lucky to have only been 24 when it happened, and to have been able to have it to lose at such a young age(try swallowing that reasoning).[X(].

But now have two kids and a good job that I have virtually no chance of losing. So I say things are pretty good.
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