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I see it to a limited very degree. My wife works for an airline and unless one has had their head in the sand they know that the airline industry has been struggling for about 5 years now. So that is old news. Because her compnay was struggling she got in contact with a head hunter. She has turned down numerous jobs because they don' t fit her criteria or within her paramters (sp). That tells me there are plenty of jobs out there if you' re willing to look for them and willing to accept them. She can be very picky if she wants.
As for myself, Im retired and have turned down several job offers that pay very well. I didn' t work for the first 2 years of retirement because I wanted the time off. Now I have found I want a limited amount of work to keep me busy a few days a week. I had absolutely no problem getting a job. I doesn' t pay much but it offers me the flexibility to have the off time I want and the limited amount of work time to keep my mind active and supply the social contact that come from the work place. I could make much more money elsewhere but I' d have to give up to much time. I don' t need the money so it serves no purpose.
I see the thing as there for those wanting and willing to go after them.
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