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Default I need advice on my first deer rifle

Hey everyone, as you can see I'm new to the forum and am also a new hunter. I just got my license a couple of days ago and I plan on starting with small game like squirrel and rabbit etc. I'm 18 and am attending Auburn University in Alabama. Deer hunting is huge around here and my birthday is coming up in March which means some extra moolah from the family. I'd like to buy a deer rifle with it. I'm paying for college out of my own pocket, so as you could probably guess I'm on a strict budget. 400$ is an absolute maximum, and I'd prefer to know if there are cheaper options. I also want a rifle that can take medium sized game animals like fox and coyote without damaging the pelt too much. Dick's Sporting Goods carry's a Scoped savage that comes in either .270 or .30-06 for 400$. I think that's a nice price for the inclusion of a scope. I just feel like it could be a little over powered, which is why I decided to ask. Anyone that knows of any better and cheaper options I would greatly appreciate your recomendations.
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