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Default RE: Burris Scopes?

I have a Burris XTR 3-12x50. It is a similar design to the other high end Burris scopes. The lenses are very bright and very true color. It blew me away when I compared this scope to some $1000 scopes. This is not universally true at any price level. Also, some scopes get a good reputation which doesn't prove true to the eye. Use your eyes. Don't read about what others see. Sightron S3 models were also as good. It holds zero. 1 click = .25"@100yds of movement, or the best my rifle can do. With 1/2 to 3/4 MOA accuracy, it is hard to be sure the scope is exactly .25". It will box test all day long without missing a beat. I have shot 4 5 shot groups under an inch at 100 yards doing a box test, moving the scope for every shot. Not bad IMO.

The only issues have been. It had to be sent back to Burris twice and they had to send a part once for manufacturing issues. That was handled well enough. In addition, there are some design issues like the reticle should be FFP on this type of scope, the turrets should be .25 MOA, not inch,the eyepiece focus should lock on a tactical scope IMO, and the magnification twistie should not rortate the eyepiece(causes scope caps to move and interfere with the action.). The design issues are subjective and reflect my opinion only. Maybe those changes would add $500 to the scope, I don't know. Still they are issues, but can be overcome by user training.
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