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Default NEW Custom Hybrid LB 60" 50#@28" "SOLD"

I built this bow from a blank .The blank was professionally made by Lindell Beene of Lakeside Archery .i purchased it during his holiday Sale for $200. I added my own finishing touches and shaped the riser to my liking.I finished the bow with sevral coats of Satin Poly. It shoots great .It's quite fast and surprisingly quiet,even without string silencers. There's a new string also.
I enjoyed building it and would like to try my hand at building another. I'll sell this finished bow for only what I have in it in materials..

The riser is a combo of Bocote and striped Maple.the limb cores are bamboo.the limb veneers are Bocote on back and Striped Maple on the Belly.Both are under clear glass.It's a real fine bow and a bargain at only $200 shpd[lower48]more
pictures available via email. SOLD SOLD SOLD
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