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Default RE: hunters willing to go to spring meetings /WI

Deer harvests were down in Minnesota, MIchigan, and Ohio too. Hunters in those states are saying the exact same things as some Wisconsin hunters. I don't think the Wisconsin DNR had anything to do with the MN, MI, and OH deer herds.
I would guess 1saggitarius you're 100% correct on that statement. Wisconsin had little to do with the deer herds in the other States. We can't argue that.And the reasons for the other states decline is their problem. And your point is?

We know the Wisconsin DNR sure had a LOT to do with the declining deer herd in this State without question. Earn a buck, doe tags, extra doe tags, doe only.... As my father will tell you.. Shoot all the cows in the barn and I bet you have a lousy calf crop in the spring.

What bothers me the worst is for the last three years (especially)I attended these area meetings. I told the DNR people there the herd was being shot off. That the killing of does had to stop or some areas would be deer less. And they stood right there, and shook their heads in agreement and said they were aware of the problem. So what good did it do? Did they stop the doe tags? No, they actually increased them. So what good does it do to go to the meetings when the DNR does not give a good you know what, of what you're trying to tell them?

But I will go to the meetings this year too.I am also going to ask them whether they actually listen at the meetings of just put their head up their you know what and do what they want. I am going to make it uncomfortable for them if at all possible.

So, I am not going to purchase a license. I am also going to talk everyone I know into not purchasing a license. And also all the land owners I know to forbid anyone to cross their property to reach the national forest. Maybe do this for a couple years. If enough of us get together, we can hurt their (DNR)wallet. Maybe it will hurt some of the other programs out there. That is a shame. Maybe some of them might loose their jobs. But if enough of us do this, it will get their attention, and they will be forced to take notice. What ever it takes. I will work to get the herd back in numbers in my area. Any way I can. Because talking at their meetings never did any good.
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