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Default RE: What type of string do I ask for when I restring my bow?

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Thanks Bruce, so when I order from MeanV(heard good things about him), I just tell him my string length after I determine which string I would like to purchase? Thank you.

FSU--thank you, I really appreciate you breaking it down for me in terms of being specific. That will help me a ton.
VS, Bruce has told you what I need to know. I am currently running a special on VT strings and cables. So shoot me a PM or give me a call and I'll get you took care of. Also Steve and Jarod more than likely have specs on your bow as well to cross check everything.

I have had Great Luck with the VT strings. I put a set on my 82nd back in the summer, set the peep, tuned the Bow, set Cam timing, and sighted it in. I hunted in temps ranging from 80 degrees down to 24 degrees below zero. Hunted in snow, rain, etc. After all that my peep is still coming back perfect, and my cams are still perfectly timed.

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