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Default RE: So how many Wisconsin EAB units in '09?

Common sense, Reason, and a deep concern for all wildlife and habitats(not just deer), is alive and well within the DNR.
Again, I am hoping you are right. Though...again...the DNR knew going in to last season what the '07/'08 winter had been like, and for whatever reason was actually looking at expanding the list of EAB units in '09 as demonstrated by the map at the start of the thread.

From what I have heard, the legislature has been catching an earful over the past season's results. As I have stated before: it is one thing to have a harvest come in lower than the previous year, it is another to have that happen after the DNR kept telling hunters how the population for the '08 seasonwould be equal or greater than last year.

I'm guessing that EAB goes away for the northern part of the state and is significantly curtailed in the middle and southern regions. Actually, EAB is more tolerable to me than the October antlerless hunts.
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