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Default RE: So how many Wisconsin EAB units in '09?

2007 was the second highest deer harvest in state history. 2007/2008 was a harder winter than realized. 2008/2009 winter has started with alot of snow and below zero temperatures ....

There will be very few EAB units in Wisconsin for 2009, most will be CWD units in the south ... some southern CWD units showed increased harveststhis year over 2007.

I am hoping the DNR is looking at things as logically as you are. To me, everything you stated makes perfect sense. My concern is that of the three facts listed in your first sentence: '07 deer harvest, 07'/'08 winter, and '08/'09 winter, the DNR was fully aware of two of them when they created the so-called EAB Watch List this past summer.

Let's hope that common sense is a common commodity at the DNR.
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