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Default RE: So how many Wisconsin EAB units in '09?


I agree with your prediction that the CWD area will remain (run and Gun) cause they want the deer eradicated. However it is a realguess as far as what they (DNR) will do.

If enough hunters get envolved, the DNR may change direction on their eradication mode. I truely don't see them admitting they messed up so we may have to take it in our own hands. There are a lot of hunters as the poll shows on the (BOWHUNTING) thread that will not seriously get envolved.
Some say they can't give up hunting because they love deer hunting and really look forward to it every year. Don't we all? I'm not dis'en them but it will take a united effort to stop the DNR. There are some real nice bucks taken on public land but there is also alot of other hunters to deal with.

My plan is my neighboring farmers and myself are closing deer hunting on our land-about 2000 acres in all and NO ONE hunts deer on our land. We figure the herd will rebound in 1-2 years. This will force about 50 guys that normally hunt on our properties to start trying to find other places to hunt. When they see what it is like hunting on public land, if they can find some, they will start to question the mess the DNR made.

Now I love to hunt as much as anyone, but We feel the time has come to make a stand.

We feel other farmers and land owmers will do the same if nothing changes with the DNR's eradication mode. I have read alot of posts that other land owners are doing the same thing. I suggest that if you depend on hunting on private land you take a stand with us .
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